containers for bulk cargo

To meet the demands of its customers Laude Smart Intermodal SA has developed and patented an innovative way to transport goods, particularly mass bulk cargo, in specialized steel containers, which, inter alia, eliminates the costs of packaging,bulk cargo handling and transshipment operations while increasing the tonnage of freight and eliminating the impact of weather conditions on the commodity.

HTSYP type 20' container specs:

  • 20' high cube pallet wide container
  • container capacity of 45m3
  • load capacity up to 33 tons of goods
  • possibility of loading through top hatches or regular way after removing the stiff roof top
  • possibility of unloading standard top way or through rear door without the requirement of having specialized infrastructure
  • elimination of material spill during transshipments
  • container is a packaging, elimination eg. big bags
  • possibility of transport bigbaged material, if needed
  • certified container tightness
  • faster loading / reloading / unloading
  • the entire logistics chain is one waybill

HTSYP containers are ideal for the transport of any bulk cargo in particular biomass, fertilizers and coke. The costs of unloading the goods have been reduced to a minimum and the same unloading takes a few minutes.

In case of unloading the bulk material through the rear door Laude provides specialistic trailers that enable storing the material at any place. In case of whole train amounts of cargo Laude can provide reach stacker type loader, thank to which the unloading process will be even more economical.

Thanks to our containers You will save Your money on transhipments, spillage and wet material problems that take place when reloading between standard wagons and dump trucks. You will avoid costs of packaging into big bags, which are commonly used for standard wagons and truck trailers transportation.

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