containers pallet-wide

To meet the demands of its customers Laude Smart Intermodal SA has developed and patented an innovative way to transport goods in specialized steel containers, which, inter alia, eliminates the costs of packaging, protection of goods during transport and cargo handling while improving tonnage and transport safety.

In addition to the specialized properties of containers intended mainly for the steel and bulk goods industry, they have two important advantages enabling them to full use, in particular in trade with the East.

The biggest advantage of our containers is their structure through which we can load up to 14 Euro pallets on one level (standard 20 foot container can load 27% less) and the total gross weight of the loaded goods can reach up to 33ton (about 20% higher than the capacity of standard containers 20 ').

The use of both features in one carriage makes it possible to achieve significant savings comparing to standard solutions used as transport by road or rail transport by universal wagons.

Containers due to its properties, such as removable roof top and beam above the door, do not give way to other modes of transport.

What's more, complete steel construction and roof locked during transport make the container an ideal way to transport heavy and valuable or palletized goods, because guarantee much higher safety and a much smaller investment in securing goods during transport. With use of containers, you save both time and money by avoiding transport and processing complaints.

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