Rail and intermodal transport

INTERMODAL TRANSPORT is a transfer of goods using at least two different modes of transport, without changing the load unit. By combining and using supply chain planning of different kinds of transport infrastructure - sea and river ports,logistic terminals, railway and roads - Smart Intermodal SA Laude provides customers with "door to door" and "just in time" delivery.

Laude Smart Intermodal S.A. to meet common problems and barriers in cross-border trade with the East, has introduced the project "Revolucia". The use of multiple modes of transport and a solution which is innovative containers, enables transport of palletized products and dedicated products on the way back. Thanks to an innovative approach, we are able to deliver palletized loads weighing up to 28 tons to the final consumer - who does not have a railway siding- in one container. In comparison with standard road transport it means 27% increased.

The "Revolucia" project has been implemented thanks to modern terminal localized in Zamosc, own innovative containers, rail wagons and truck trailers. We are owners of intermodal trains connecting Zamosc with Ukraine and Moldova, and we plan to launch regular intermodal connections between Zamosc and Russia and Turkey.

More about intermodal solutions by Laude Smart Intermodal Smart Intermodal
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